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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First response from the U.S. Government about peak Oil

First response from the U.S. Government about peak Oil
I believe the first step would be that the government will acknowledge the topic/problem of peak oil. Which I believe is going to be a positive way to start our response towards peak oil, acknowledging your problem is the hardest step. It will help put belief in Americans on how serious this problem is, because if they hear it from the government is, it has to be true, but if they here it from people like Andy Snyder, how can it be true. That’s how this government controls us, by making us think that everything they say is right, the only way we would be able to change this system of control would be to gather enough people, spread awareness to millions so that we can make a difference but it is very hard to make people in our society think that their extremely comfortable environments are killing our future survival rates. And also the downside is that spreading a idea to millions and millions of people and getting them to actual believe what they are saying without control of a non-corrupt media station is hard. But this would defiantly be the first step, now the only problem is when the government would do this, the longer they wait, the more worst off we are going to be. The U.S. government is like kids waiting till the last day to do their homework. I believe that they are letting us waste all this oil so that they can make billions off of it. Lets say if we have 5 billion gallons of oil in our reserves which we mostly likely have much more. 5000000000 X $3.50= 17500000000$, in some ways this makes me think that “hey” maybe they want to waste all this oil make quick money, the rich can obviously survive and let the poor suffer and die. The rich will probably keep enough poor alive to do their hard labor jobs. Plus the amount of money people loan from the banks just to buy cars, house, etc and the interest rates and the billions they make of us Americans. “yeah” democracy and capitalism is a really great way to live. Spreading awareness of this issue would also maybe reduce demands, Americans will realize that they are using to much gas, slowing people stop using their cars as much, take more buses and trains. Maybe this is another reason why they don’t want to address this topic, if people stop using oil then corporations cant sell their gas as much which means prices will most likely go down, slowly but it will go down, maybe their using this war as a reason to raise prices, our society is built on how are we going to make money of each other, how are we going to jip the next person. Its interesting if we somehow got demands down, wouldn’t the prices have to go down, wouldn’t that be a good reason why corporations would pay the government not to talk about this topic. This is extremely interesting the complexness of how of society works.

Comment on One of robyns Pieces of work (GOO ROBYN WHEW!)

Hey Robyn thanks for scaring the living crap right out of me. I actually really like what you wrote, it made me start to realize the most negative things about peak oil that can and might happen. I actually started to visualize it all in my head, I was picturing riots, chaos, and an apocalyptic judgment day happening. As I started to think the worst of what peak oil might mean, I got very frightened about me and my family’s future. I also started to think how everything I have done in my life might mean nothing as this hidden countdown has commenced. It makes me think of a song by Linkin’ Park, “In the End” this song captures what this writing has made me think about, I would suggest Robyn that you listen to it if you get a chance, its on my I pod (which has become so popular in the world).
Your work has also made me think about the things I want to do to survive what might happen if some of these theories of civilization crashing if peak oil does happen. I was thinking of going back to my country Kosovo, where I live you can farm and basically live off your land, supplying the things you need on your own and evening sharing with neighbors to help each other survive. I haven’t gone really in-depth on my whole strategic plan but I trying to think everything through, which isn’t an easy task. But it possibly might come in handy if this day of reckoning happens. I have also thought of like taking classes that would prepare you for these kind of daily tasks that you would need if we didn’t have machinery
The eventuality of oil peaking is imminent but I believe we need to spread awareness as quick as possible, so that all people know the seriousness of these issues such as you described Robyn not only peak oil but global warming as well. We need to start preparing for life in the future, and if everyone knows about this topics maybe we can shape our future in some better way than it might be looking now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

"strong analysis" Ecotopia

As I start to read more about peak oil, it is starting to become more apparent the reality of how imminent this situation will be. I have been contemplating the discussions we have had in class, and they just keep reinforcing the realization of our future which is nearing as seconds tick away. The societies that Americans live in are mostly oil-based economies; we seem to be wasting away a resource that we have become so selfishly reliant of. The worst part of this is that while we keep wasting and running out of oil, we are also destroying the planet of which we live on. Wait, no, that isn’t the worst thing, we humans have blinded ourselves with the comfortable surroundings which are powered by oil based machines, and we seek to become more and lazier by letting machines and instruments do everything for us while we sit down on couches with our belly’s big polluting our minds with corrupt television media, as well as polluting mother nature which wont take this kind of abuse much longer as her anger will eventually spill out with a fury that most surviving people will talk with biblical sense in the future. We are avoiding the reality of our lives and what consequences our actions will have in the near future, not preparing for these consequences will cause in some peoples eyes an apocalyptic day of reckoning. We need to start to figure out other ways of living, healthier to us and the environment, so that we don’t need to become so reliant on oil, but other un-hazardous to our environment resources.
In the book Ecotopia, the author Ernest Callenbach shows us his view on what this way of living might be. Ernest Callenbach shows a society which is a “stable-state life system”. Basically in this society, human manage to constraint themselves, decreasing their needs something which we have found extremely hard to do as every moment we find ways to become more materialistic by the second. In Callenbach’s society they use renewable resources another thing that humans have found difficulty in even with all the technologies that we have. In the book a small group of people from many different states disagree with the path that United States has gone down, industrialization, pollution, militarization, and etc. all the bullshit that we have been doing which is making every U.S. citizen more evil and evil as we start to actually believe our system. These small groups of people eventually start their own small societies completely cutting off from the U.S. Government. Then the book goes on to describe how a reporter makes his way to Ecotopia, and discovers their way of living, how the food is unprocessed, unpackaged, and sugar free. The shelter, which are large communal houses, they have completely eliminated cars, and they have found means of lowering need of each individual person, which then means that they don’t need to work as much. This book just shows us an alternate way of living in the authors view.
I believe that the author didn’t want us to go out and start a Ecotopia exactly the way he pictured it, he just wanted to show us that there are other means of living, other ways to live without polluting our environment, being caught up in political media which helps lead to wars and mass killings, that are not necessary. This book made me think about a show on VH1, “celebrity life styles” which is a show that describes the lives of the wealthy, and how big their planes, mansions, apartments, cars, pools, tennis courts, living rooms, dogs and cats are. It shows us endless amounts of unnecessary materialistic needs that humans have which makes poor people like me want to grow up, get rich and get all this bullshit that all these celebrities have. The books shows us how we can lower the needs and demands of human beings, which has been so hard for Americans because we have been submerged with media that tells us to buy bigger, better and meaningless materials.
I think people in the united states will have the most problem with the eventuality of starting a civilization of people that don’t need to watch sports and spent 200 dollars to go see the Knicks game, making athletes millions of dollars which they will use to buy huge cars that spent a huge amount of unnecessary oil to go to the store to pick up unhealthy foods. This transaction from our society to Callenbach society will be a tough one which might cause many deaths. I believe we need to start preparing now, or else it will be too late.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Comments on Robyns Work (agrument against peak oil)

First of, I just wanted to say that how you wrote this short essay was good, showing us the technologies that were being developed or already developed and in use, and how they worked and what they did to extract oil more efficiently. I also agree with your last argument, how does all these means of extracting more and more oil going to slow down peak oil, according to you and your resources there is obviously not and infinite amount of oil in the world, so I don’t understand how people are develop and wasting money on new technologies which would help waste our remaining oil faster. I think that we should find methods of decreasing our high demands for oil. It seems as though our demands keep getting larger and larger for what some people might thing as useless things such as cars. Absolutely we do need transportation, but if we have trains and buses why is there a need for such a large amount of cars that have huge engines which waste large amounts of gas. According to there is almost 2 cars to a household. And that there is less drivers to a household that cars, so I ask why is that we need more cars than drivers, this site also shows that only “17 percent of adults report to using public transportation in the last two months” this means that more and more adults are using personal vehicles for transportation, which means than instead of using a gallon of gas for 20 people, in the U.S. we are wasting 1 gallon for 1 person.
I agree with your point that oil extraction will not save us, because if we keep sucking up all the oil and keep meeting our demands we will eventually run out of oil. I like how you disprove these technologies that you talked about, the only thing I want to suggest is that you maybe go more in-depth with if people can survive with the increase in price for oil, talk about this subject a little bit, what the increase of price will do to the lower-class, middle-class, and wealthy-class people in our society.

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    As I read through your work, there were many ideas that made my fears about oil more and more realistic. I thought your use of evidence made your writing strong, easy to read and interesting. Now on your point of view, I agree with you when you say that the value of oil will rise as it starts to run out, but I don’t believe that oil-based economies will crumble, I don’t think that the person with the largest semi-automatic will rule and that people who live in these areas will kill each other and these large cities will just die off. I believe that we will eventually run out of oil, and that we should now start taking measures to prepare ourselves to for when that happens, and that we should as you said use these new “technologies and instruments” to slow down the oil peak which is imminent. We shouldn’t use this oil peak to portray life in the future as an apocalyptic day of life coming to an end. We should use our technological resources and start to plan how to slow down this oil peak as much as possible. In your blog I read an interesting quote, “It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We'll use the next trillion in 30.”, if we will use one trillion barrels of oil in the next thirty years we should finds ways to slow down this process, so that it will give us more time to develop other means of resources. I can multiple things of the top of my head that use oil that is not needed. Such as vehicles, I know that people need transportation to work, but there is no need for one person to have four to five cars, we should start making laws that would help to cut that oil used to help generate cars. We can do little things that would greatly slow down the peak oil which is imminent. These are just some things that I wanted you to think about Barry, I really appreciated your effort and time you put into writing about this subject, great work.

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006